Austin Beer Guide

We’ll be making stuffed sliders at the Austin Beer Guide event at the Draught House Pub & Brewery on Thursday Apr 28th! Come see us. 🙂🍻🙌🍔austin beer guide

WHEN: Thursday, April 28, 6pm–?
WHERE: Draught House Pub and Brewery

SQUAD UP! You know the drill. Fresh guide, beers on beers, and fun times at the DH. Come party like it’s 1999, but not really, because a large percentage of our readership were not of drinking age in 1999. But you get the point. Sip on Dank the Tank IPA, our collaboration brew with Draught House or choose from one of the many special beers from:
4th Tap
Blue Owl
Draught House
Hops & Grain
Jester King
Last Stand
Live Oak
Red Horn
Real Ale
Strange Land